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I'm Jalauna Brenae' 

I am a Beauty Coach and Consultant with 14 years of experience in the beauty industry. I became a professional Makeup Artist in 2007. When I started my business I knew nothing about the business side of owning a business. It was scary as a new business owner trying to navigate the unknown.  My goal was to learn everything I could about owning and operating a Beauty Business. I took various courses, hired business coaches and heavily relied on research and continued education. Over the years I've acquired the knowledge needed to successfully operate a thriving business as a Makeup Artist. 

My goal is to share the knowledge I've acquired with other Beauty Professionals to provide them with the tools, resources and blueprint to assist them in achieving their desired level of success within their business. 


My Promise To You

JaLauna Brenae’ Coaching and Consulting is committed to keeping our clients first while ensuring their best interest is protected. Our coaching program is designed to provide the client with the blueprint necessary to navigate their journey to success while having our team by their side every step of the way.  The success of our clients is our top priority. 

"Create the life that you desire to live. The only person that can stop your success is you."

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