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Beauty Business 101: Secure the Bride

As a Bridal Makeup Artist there are many things to consider aside from the actual makeup application. When it comes to securing the Bride there are a few things you should have in place. Let’s talk about the first thing…the Work Flow!

Bridal Workflow:

1) Create an intake form to gather all of the important details for the wedding day. Ask questions about their desires, their wants, any concerns they have, etc.

2) Schedule a call with the bride. This can be via zoom (a nice PowerPoint presentation adds a nice, personalized touch) or over the phone. This call will determine if you and the Bride are a good fit for one another. This is also where you start to build trust and assure the Bride she’s in great hands. During this call you will go over the details of the intake form, address any concerns, answer any questions and break down package pricing, booking process, etc.

3) Create proposal. The proposal should include at least 3 packages. The packages should be broken down into 3 tiers. The tier 3 package will be the highest investment as well as include everything the Bride could think she wants and needs. This includes you staying on-site for the duration of the ceremony and reception, assisting with dressing, touch ups for Bride and Bridal party, a makeup look change, male grooming for the Groom, provide a complimentary bottle of wine with a wine glasses, a small gift and thank you card, etc. The tier 2 package would include everything your bride needs (using the information gathered from the phone call) with a little razzle dazzle added to it. For example stay for the ceremony for touch-ups before pictures, provide a touch up kit for the reception for Bride and Bridal party, complimentary wine, a small gift and thank you card, etc. These are the two packages that you want the Bride to go for. Tier 2 and 3 should be packed with luxury and value. You have to add in the “wow factor”. Tier 1 would be the bare minimum package. Include the Brides basic needs, Bridal party makeup, touch-up kits for all and a small gift. Although this is the lowest priced package you still want to ensure you add value. When pricing packages include time, travel and labor expenses. If you choose not to include the Bridal preview in your package make sure it is clearly stated what your rate is and that it is not included in the package pricing. Include in the proposal how long the proposal is good for and that dates are available on the first come first served basis. This helps to ensure the Bride takes action. It should be no more than 48-72 hours because when they reach out they should be ready to lock in.

4) Provide the services on the wedding day according to the package the Bride selected. SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT!!!

5) Once you have completed services, wait a few days for things to settle on the Brides end and reach out one last time. This time express gratitude and thank her for allowing you to be a part of such a memorable day. Be sure to include contact information for referrals or future appointments and include a link to your google site or Facebook business page for a review. Reviews from happy Brides result in booking more Brides looking for the same experience.

As a business owner you can make the necessary changes to the work flow as it suits your business. Things don't always apply to every situation.

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