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The Struggling Makeup Artist

It was me in 2008…I was struggling and a single mom that had just buried my 1 year old daughters father.  Makeup was never really something I desired to do but I was already 2 years in. At the time I was in a pinch…honestly I can’t think of a time back then when I wasn’t. I would book clients and charge them $50, $60 or what ever my financial need was at the time to pay bills and care for my child. This went on for years. I was so afraid to increase my rates or even charge what I felt like I should charge because i felt inadequate. I was doing makeup in my kitchen, I was using all drugstore products and I thought I would lose my loyal clients (and I was counting on that money).  It wasn’t until about 6 years ago that I did my first price increase. I went up to $80…you couldn’t tell me nothing…okay?! Nothing…because people paid it. It was at that moment that I realized MY fear was causing my business to be stagnant. I was the only thing that stood in between my desired financial goals and actually making it happening. Raising rates or charging higher rates than others isn’t about the customer, it isn’t about what others may think you’re worth , it’s about building a profitable, sustainable business.

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