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To run a successful business we must have certain things in place. Below I have outlined 8 things that you may not have for your business that could play a vital role in ensuring operations run smoothly.

1. Website/Landing Page- This is the place where your client will get their first impression of you and your business. Is it inviting? Is it informative? Is your work displayed? Are they able to book or contact you?

2. Social Media- Posting quality, valuable content is important to the success of your business. One or two quality images is better than 10 low quality, lack luster images. Are you displaying yourself as an expert in your field? Is your social media presence a good representation for your brand? Do your followers/friends know what you offer or what you do by what you post?

3. Intake Form- Intake forms are important to collect valuable information regarding your client’s needs (appointment date and time, location, event type, etc.). Each service should have its own intake form. Some forms may be more in-depth than others (for example bridal intake forms are lengthy because you want to make sure you cover all bases for the wedding day. Make sure the form requests the information needed to create the contract.

4. Contracts- Having contracts in place not only covers you and your business but it covers the client as well. The contract should be very thorough and detailed. Make sure your intake form requires a mailing address to be included on the contract in the event legal action is necessary. A few things that should be included in your contract is: services being rendered, booking requirements, payment terms, service location, changes clause, equipment clause, safety and incident clause, release of liability and assumption of risk, promotional rights, Covid-19 postponement or cancellation, cancellation clause, limitation of liability and force majeure. If you've purchased my templates you have this plus more!

5. Invoicing/Booking App- Invoicing and booking systems are necessary to help automate your business. Your clients have the ability to self-book, pay the retainer, receive reminders, etc. This allows more time for you to focus on other administrative tasks. Some great booking apps are PocketSuite, Acuity, Dudsado, HoneyBook, Calendly, Appointlet and Book It Live.

6. Business Phone and Email- Let's be real, as a business owner we want to keep overhead costs low. Spending money on another phone line can be pricey depending on the company. Google Voice allows you to have your own phone number that will ring to your phone through the app. You can also text, send and receive pictures as well as set up and receive voicemails. Also, to keep all methods of communication available you should have an email address. I personally have strictly for client inquiries and another for other business related emails. That way I don't miss any client bookings. I recommend Gmail for emails. If you would like a personalized email address ( I would recommend looking into G Suite or Google Workspace. If you have a website with Wix you have the ability to set one up that way.

7. Rates- Create a thorough service list (use canva to create a flyer or create a landing page) that you can send to potential clients on request so that they can clearly see the services you offer and the rate. Sometimes clients are interested but not ready to book. Be sure to include "fine print" stating that the prices listed are prices currently in effect at this time. Prices are subject to change.

Sidebar: I do not have a pricelist for Bridal because I create package tailored to each Bride's specific needs. I send out a proposal instead of a service list.

8. Policies/Terms and Conditions- Ensure you have the necessary policies and/or terms and conditions listed on your booking site. Make sure they match the policies, terms and conditions and clauses on your contract to maintain consistency within and throughout your business. Some policies that should be included are booking requirements, cancellation policy, late policy, rescheduling policy, etc.

I hope the information I provided was useful. If you need templates, intake questions or email responses for your business feel free to visit Use code Launch50 to receive 50% off until July 31st.

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