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Are You Ready to Increase your Social Media Presence? 


Creating a regular posting routine can become an overwhelming task. In the 30 Day Social Media Challenge you will receive everything you need to post consistently and engage with your audience: 

  • 30 post prompts

  • Customizable Graphic Templates

  • Content Calendar

  • Hashtag Ideas

Check out
these results

" Just wanted to say I'm loving this 30 Day Challenge! Really helping me find inspiration and remember why I sacrifice a lot to be where I am today."
-S. Spencer

"Yoooo!!! So JaLauna's social media challenge made a girl step out and try her hand at TikTok where I had to piece together videos and do a voice over. Lol. It's wonky and far from perfect, but I'm soooooooo proud of myself."
-M. Daughtry


"JaLauna Brenae' is a genius. My social media engagement and reach has grown so much already."
- C. Porter

Join the challenge now. 

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You're in!! Challenge Accepted!!
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